お問い合わせ (Inquiry)

In case of you found compromise of server certificate's private (secret) key issued by JPRS CA, and/or unlawful behaviors regarding to the server certificate, please let us know through following report form:

報告用フォーム (Report form)

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申告者様自身の情報 (Your Information)

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報告する証明書に関する情報 (Targeted certificate Information)
- 危殆化した私有鍵
- 危殆化した私有鍵によって署名されたCSR
例:CN="This key is compromised")

If you are reporting about private Key Compromise, please include either of the following information in your report.
- The compromised private key itself.
- A CSR signed by the compromised private key.
(contains a string indicating that a private key has been compromised in the CN.
e.g.CN="This key is compromised")

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